Our Locations


The Diamond Knight

The Diamond Knight is currently our only London branch! It is so named because the road that it sits on is famous for the diamond jewellery shops that occupy it.


The Back Knight

The Back Knight was our first Manchester Branch.

It sits on Back George Street, just round the corner from St Peter’s Square, right in the heart of Manchester City Centre.

The Strand Knight

The Strand Knight is our cosiest branch in Manchester. It sits on Pomona Strand, on the bank of the river. It has a lovely pier area where you can sit outside, sipping your coffee, watching the ducks go by.

The Queen Knight

The Queen Knight is in a more residential area of Manchester. Find it on Smedley road, in the North East of Manchester. Pop in on your way to work to grab your favourite Sir Frothalot coffee.

The Princess Knight

The Princess Knight is located just outside of central Manchester. Situated on Princess Street (hence the name) it is a very popular joint for many Manchester locals.

The Thorny Knight

The Thorny Knight is located in Shudehill, very close to one of the busiest transport hubs in Manchester. Found on Thorniley Brow, this coffee joint is far from prickly and you will always be welcomed in with a hot cup of joe.

The Weston Knight

The Weston Knight is located near to the Holt Town Tram Station. Situated on Weston Street in a lovely location for passers by and locals alike. 

The War Knight

The War Knight is located to the West of Manchester City Centre, on the South side of the Manchester Ship Canal. It can be found on Trafford Wharf Road, a stone’s throw from some of Manchester’s top tourist attractions.

The Park Knight

The Park Knight is located in the centre of Manchester right next to one of our beautiful parks. Found on Mosley Street, it’s the perfect place to stop for a brew whilst partaking in your retail therapy.


The Frothalot Knight

The Frothalot Knight is the one and only original Sir Frothalot Coffee Shop. Built from the ground up by our glorious owner, it provides the citizens of Canberra with the frothiest coffee around. Pop in and enjoy the simplicity and style of the OG.